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        • Product Name: Empery AL-Ground Mounting System
        • Material: 100% Anodized Aluminum AL6005(W)
        • Surface:
        • Anti-corrosive:
        • Warranty: 10 Years and up 25 years service life
        • Standard: AS/NZS 1170
        • Color: Natural
        • Brand Name: EMPERY SOLAR
        • Model Number:
        • Spec.:
        • Install Site: Open field
        • Module Orientation: Portrait





        Empery Aluminum Ground Mounting System is made of 100% aluminum for mounting on concrete strip foundations or ground screw. It is light,anti-corrosive and strong,graceful.


        In our Aluminum Ground System,the Beam Rial is pre-assembled,the size of the legs and the Beam Rail is plan and machined on factory to eliminate the weld and cut on instanllation site to save your install time and cost.





        Installation Site: Open field
        Wind Load: Up to 60m/s
        Snow Load: 1.4KN/m
        Applicable Module: Framed or Frameless
        Module Orientation: Portrait
        Main Material: 100% Anodized Aluminum AL6005
        Fastener Material: Stainless Steel



        ● Easy Installation
        Parts have been high pre-assembly on factory to save your installation time.
        ● Safety and Reliability
        Check and test the structure strictly to against the extreme weather condition.
        ● Flexibility and Adjustable
        Smart design reduce the difficulty of the installation on the most condition.
        ● 10-Year Warranty
        Empery Solar provides a 10-years warranty for the material and structure.


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