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        Brazil registers 13.4GW solar for 2016’s sole PV and wind auction

        Writer:Tom KenningSource:www.pv-tech.org/ Date:2016-8-10
        Brazil registers 13.4GW solar for 2016’s sole PV and wind auction

        After a major auction shake up, EPE allowed more projects to be submitted for teh second reserve auction. Flickr: Global Economic Symposium

        Brazil’s energy agency EPE has registered 1,260 wind and solar projects for its 2nd Reserve Energy Auction 2016 to be held on 16 December, the only solar auction in Brazil this year.

        There are now 841 wind projects (21,760MW) and 419 solar PV projects (13,388MW) registered and cleared to participate in the auction.

        The top six states for solar capacity registered were:

        • Bahi - 101 projects at 3,155MW
        • Piaui - 55 projects at 2,057MW
        • Rio Grande do Norte - 58 projects at 1,640MW
        • Sao Paulo - 53 projects at 1,598MW
        • Mato Grosso do Sul - 21 projects at 1,220MW
        • Ceara - 36 projects at 1,046MW

        Brazil recently removed solar from the first reserve energy auction, which is now solely for hydropower. It also significantly delayed the second reserve auction to December. Before this happened, EPE had accredited 12.5GW of wind and solar projects, of which 393 were solar-based. As a result of the auction shake up it allowed for more projects to be submitted in the second auction.

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