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        Global Solar Dem Monitor: Q2 2016

        Source:guangfu.bjx.com.cn/ Date:2016-7-15

        The global solar market had a record year in 2015, adding 14GW to its annual rate of installations. 2016 is set to be another good year, with the market set to grow by 21%. The lscape is very diverse, with the top three markets making up the majority of dem, over ten major gigawatt-scale markets globally, Latin America the middle East on the rise. At the same time, global solar policies are in a state of flux, transitioning away from direct subsidies to competitively procured solar, leading to more complex market dynamics business models.

                                                                                    Global PV Dem, 2005-2020E

        The Global Solar  Dem Monitor is a quarterly report giving insights into major developments for the global solar lscape, offering an assessment of the trajectory of the market providing scenario-based dem forecasts. By analyzing the dem drivers, policies risks that shape global markets, it enables companies to find success today while still preparing for the future. The analysis spans across market segments - residential, commercial, industrial utility-scale - includes a deeper focus on the major markets of China, India, Japan, Germany, the U.K., the U.S. Mexico.

        For Premium License buyers subscribers, each quarter""s Monitor includes a spreadsheet-based dataset with segmented dem forecasts at the global regional levels, historical data, deeper information on 26 major markets.

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